Mission Ministries

The purpose of the Mission Ministries Committee is to identify programs and activities that allow members of Bethesda to care and provide for the needs of others. The committee focuses on the needs of those outside of our church, in our community and the world. More specifically, the committee identifies mission programs and determines the level of support that is to be offered to each. A goal of the committee is to raise awareness of mission needs and to encourage the congregation to become actively involved.

Funding: 1% of the general fund offerings are put into a special account for the committee to use in their help of others. An attempt is made to distribute the funds equally between local, national and international projects.

Typical Activities:
Using the 1% we receive from the general fund to help others in need. A few of the projects we have helped in the past include:
• Food Shelf
• Missionary Sponsorship
• God’s Global Barnyard
• World Hunger
* Someplace Safe
* Douglas County Red Cross

Typical Meeting Date/Time:
First Thursday of the month at 6:45pm (Committee Night)

Committee Members:
Sanford Olson (Council Rep.)
Louise Wiley (Chair)
Teresa Veraguth