Bethesda is blessed to have faithful and truly dedicated employees. The Personnel Committee is responsible for their well-being, with particular interest in employee recognition and support. We become involved in hiring, exit interviews, and conflict resolution if needed. We keep employee records and make salary recommendations when appropriate.

Typical Activities:

• Recognition of employee birthdays

• Hosting an annual Employee Recognition Sunday

• Hosting an annual Valentine Brunch for our employees and their spouses

• Conducting annual Employee Performance reviews

• Writing Job Descriptions and Compensation Benefit schedules

• Advertising for and interviewing job candidates

• Conducting exit interviews for departing employees

• Reviewing and updating the Employee Handbook annually

Typical Meeting Date/Time:
The 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:00pm

Committee Members:
Doug Tatge (Chair)
Mike Gesell
Bruce Jerve (Council Rep.)
Jim Thompson
Jackie Notch